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Everyone driving needs car insurance in order to drive legally on the road. Whether you are switching insurance carriers or purchasing additional insurance for a new car, getting quotes for auto insurance can be quite the challenge. READ MORE >>

Sharing the road with other vehicles is exciting while riding a motorcycle, but it is also dangerous. Motorcycles are no match to cars, trucks or semi-trucks, which all outnumber motorcycles on the road. Things get even more complicated when a driver is not paying attention and fails to see motorcyclists approaching. READ MORE >>

Interestingly, bikes that are mounted on automobile bike racks are often not covered by one's auto insurance. In certain scenarios, one's homeowners or renters policy will pay the claim. Let's look at a number of different situations and how insurance coverage is applied. READ MORE >>

As winter ends, many people get anxious to ready their RV for the season. Before you can go, you have to walk through the steps of de-winterizing your camper. Whether you're a rookie or have many years of experience, it's always helpful to have a checklist to make sure you don't forget anything. READ MORE >>

You hear about large companies — like Target, Home Depot and Sony — getting hacked, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even more!) in damages. But these news stories overshadow cases of cybercrime when it comes to smaller businesses. In fact, small businesses face a greater risk of being hacked. READ MORE >>

If you own a business that sells beer, wine and/or liquor, it's important to understand liquor laws in your home state. Since our agency is located in Florida, this article discusses the specifics for the Sunshine State. READ MORE >>

There's a sea of information about life insurance out there; and with so much information, some of it is sure to get twisted around by word of mouth. You've probably heard a lot about life insurance, but what's true and what's simply a rumor? We've busted three of the most common life insurance myths to help inform your financial decisions. READ MORE >>

Riding a motorcycle is naturally more harmful than driving a vehicle that has seatbelts and airbags for defense from crashes — such as a car, SUV or truck. Motorcyclists are actually 35 times more likely to perish in a crash than people driving a car are. READ MORE >>

There are plenty of insurance options available! Even the most basic of homeowners insurance policies have a wide range of options to select from, so it's vital that you know where to start. Your policy should cover no less than 80 percent of the price of rebuilding your home, excluding the value of the land it's built on. READ MORE >>

Coral Springs Home Insurance While homeowners insurance is not required by law, most mortgage lenders require you to buy it before agreeing to your loan. Home coverage is intended to cover the costs of repair or replacement if your house or assets are lost, damaged or destroyed as the result of a covered incident. READ MORE >>

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